How We Do It

Change Agency holds a number of simple philosophies that underpin our approach to the following stakeholders and areas;

To you

Change Agency will be professional, thorough and respectful of boundaries. We are outcome focussed and will work with you to determine your current state, desired state and how we best get there.

We will not try to sell you anything, and if we see a fit, we will describe the role we could play to manifest the change. Whether it is research, or outcome definition we can add options, flexibility and choice.

To your people

At Change Agency we believe that you cannot change anyone’s mind, you can simply provide them with additional information that has them arrive at a different conclusion. Knowing what to give people, when to apply it and in what ways is a specialist skill, one that Change Agency can deliver.

Utilising proven diagnostics with knowledge, skill and experience will ensure that we meet their needs.

To program design

you can design instruction, you can’t design learning” – Anon. A number of simple ideas blended with the latest in adult learning approaches underscore our approach to design. A key to our difference is that we differentiate between the process and skill required in any intervention.

  • Understand the outcome you want and how you’ll measure it
  • Take a good brief and be prepared to challenge assumptions
  • Utilise the latest ideas and creativity
  • Less is more
  • Practice over theory
  • Context before content

To experience

Everyone at Change Agency is committed to treating others as they would like to be treated. They are encouraged to do whatever is required to achieve the outcome.

No approvals to seek, no delays – just your satisfaction.