What We Do

Change Agency provides you with better, and sharper, tools for solving organisational leadership issues at both an enterprise and individual level – options and ideas that are specifically tailored to your enterprise, after careful analysis of your requirements.

Our focus is on delivering measurable change by providing behavioural options. This builds organisational competence, creates better systems and processes and engages people with clear communication at the same time we will help you recognise, avoid and minimise past mistakes.

Our Commitment

The work that Change Agency does with you will provide value in four specific and measurable ways. Ultimately, what we are about is providing each individual with behavioural flexibility in all contexts.

  • Improve leadership capability
  • Increase revenue generation capability
  • Improve organisational communication
  • Support change projects dealing with culture or systems

Your Commitment

You may have been inundated by professional service consultancies recently. You may wonder how, in these times, we represent a return on investment. All we ask is that you remain open to a conversation exploring whether there is a fit between our organisations, and we invite you to either, contact us directly or be open to a conversation when we call.

Be prepared to answer some questions and allow us to understand you and your organisation. After all, how else will we know whether we can help?

What Others Have Said

As you are aware my business is currently experiencing exponential growth in the Community Services / NDIS sector.
With any movement happening at light speed the vessel will always shake a little – you have jumped on the vessel, identified our exposure and set us on a course correct !
I would like to share with some actual messages I have received from the team after the workshop with you:

“Good morning Branka. I wanted to leave you alone last night, but I need to let you know that yesterday was amazing. I loved it, Peter was awesome, I have learnt so much about myself and also everyone else. So thanks from the bottom of my heart….” – Donna

“Thanks for making today possible Branka. Pretty bloody good !!” – Greg “

Fantastic Day !!!! Got heaps out of it. Lots of remembering stuff I knew. Ty so much for organising it” – Jo

“Branka, thank you so much for Peter…my mind is blown !!! I know I have it in me to challenge myself properly now…” – Renee

Branka Rovic , General Manager for Supreme Community Care